Gatesville Civic Center

The Great Room 

With over 7000 square feet the Great Room can provide banquet-style seating for up to 500 guests.  The Great Room is suitable for parties, weddings, receptions, or your next conference, trade show, or business function. Rental rates include the use of either round or rectangle tables, chairs, and state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, including a 17' drop-down screen. 

Small Meeting Room 

If you are hosting a smaller group, the small meeting room will seat up to 50, classroom style, for training sessions and club or business meetings and includes a 70" flat screen smart TV.  It can also be configured for smaller parties, wedding or bridal showers, and gatherings. 

Both spaces come with the use of the kitchen area.

Barn Area 

If your event calls for outdoor space, the covered barn area offers space for animals, a show ring, and bleacher seating for 100 spectators. 

COVID-19 Precautions

Operation of the Gatesville Civic Center is a function of the Gatesville Convention and Visitors Bureau, a department of the City of Gatesville. Because the health and safety of our residents and visitors is of the upmost concern, we have developed a plan for reducing the risk of COVID-19 spread at events held at the Civic Center.


We are in a unique time where our decisions directly impact the wellness of others. Our venue does not take lightly our responsibility to create a safe place for people to gather, celebrate and prosper. We have created this document to communicate our plan and to be clear about requirements for event organizers.


What We Are Doing:

Because we are a small facility, we will limit reservations to one event at a time. The facility is closed to the public so that only attendees at your event and Civic Center staff (as necessary) have access to the building.


Event space and common areas will be sanitized prior to your reservation. We will apply a CDC approved disinfectant to surfaces such as door handles, counter tops, and furnishings.


We will provide hand sanitizing stations at the entrance and in the event spaces.


Except for those leading outside, whenever feasible, doors will be propped open to reduce door handle contact.


We have posted signage throughout the facility, to include:

Occupancy Limits

Respiratory etiquette

Hand washing

Physical distancing

Direction to stay home if you are sick

Advice to avoid touch your eyes, nose and mouth

COVID-19 symptoms

Guidance to local public health resources in case testing or treatment is needed


We acknowledge that each event is different and that some may have special concerns or needs. We will work with event organizers to address those prior to the event.


What We Require of Lessees:

Occupancy limits, as set forth by the Governor’s Open Texas Plan, will be communicated to the event organizer prior to the event and will be posted in the building. It is the responsibility of event organizers to monitor and enforce these limits. If an event is found to be in violation of these limits, Civic Center staff may terminate the event and require evacuation of the facility.


Events must follow guidelines listed for their event and business type as assigned and agreed to by both Center and Client. Event and business types are found in the Open Texas Plan.  A copy of the appropriate plan for your event type will be provided.


Trade shows and markets must follow the guidelines set for Retail operations.


Social events, fundraisers, meetings, trainings and other similar events must comply with guidelines for Wedding Reception Venues.


Other types of events may occur but must receive Center approval. The event type must be assigned and agreed to by both Center and Client as listed in the Open Texas Plan.

Food service should follow the guidelines set for Restaurants. It is the responsibility of the lessee to communicate these to the caterer and insure that they are followed.

Download the Civic Center Rental Agreement for Details and Pricing

For more information, call (254) 499-0102