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Hold Your Event in Gatesville
Whether your event is large or small, casual or elegant, for business or pleasure, Gatesville offers a multiple event venues to meet your needs. 

Gatesville Civic Center

 From parties, reunions, and weddings, to trade shows, conferences, or livestock shows, the civic center has the perfect space for your meeting or event.  

Gatesville City Auditorium 

When the show must go on...
GCM Hall of Fame stage_edited
GMC Hof F auditorium from bottom floor

Gatesville's City Hall was built in 1935-1936 as a WPA project and houses the City Auditorium. Take a peek inside at our beautiful auditorium. It is available to rent for $50 per day for Monday - Thursday and $100 per day for Friday - Sunday, which is a bargain now, but would have been a little over a month's pay for the WPA workers that built the building!

Suitable for stage performances, movies, meetings and presentations, the Auditorium offers a sound, light, and projection system with a drop down screen.

For booking, contact Morgan at (254) 499-0102 or

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